Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services for Families

  • Are you worried that you are not saving enough for retirement?
  • Do you have significant student loans outstanding?
  • Are you interested in buying your first home or looking to move into a bigger home?
  • Do you wonder how you will pay for your kid’s college education?
  • Do you have trouble tracking your expenses?

Integrity Asset Management offers financial planning services to assist you in all areas of your life. We specialize in helping families organize their finances and plan for the future in order to achieve their life’s goals. Whether it is advising on the best way to save for retirement, setting up a strategy to repay your student loans, helping you track your expenses or providing guidance on buying a home, Integrity Asset Management can help you with all of your financial needs.


Our list of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tracking your expenses
  • Developing a budget
  • Help determining the best ways to save for retirement
  • Advising on investment allocations in employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Managing investments outside of employer-sponsored plans
  • Providing guidance on real estate purchases
  • Reviewing insurance policies
  • Analyzing tax returns for potential tax savings
  • Examining estate planning needs

For all the above services, we charge a fixed quarterly fee that is determined based on your needs and the level of service required with a minimum fee of $750.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services encompass a wide range of personal financial roadblocks. Retirement planning, education savings, student loans, insurance choices, estate planning and budgeting are all areas that we can assist you to help ensure a prosperous financial future.

Asset Management

Our asset management services are designed to help you meet your personal goals using a customized approach. We strive to achieve superior returns based on fundamental analysis and in-depth research conducted entirely in-house.

For more information about Integrity Asset Management, or to schedule your own personalized financial consultation, please contact us at (310) 709-7537.